Bernie Smilovitz is Sports Director at WDIV-TV in Detroit. Since 1986, Bernie has entertained Metro Detroiters with his humorous take on sports, while breaking and reporting on cutting-edge sports stories. Metro Detroiters claim Bernie as their own, and Bernie loves Detroit!

Bernie's Story

Bernie was born in Brooklyn, New York. And in some ways, New York never left the boy. Bernie's parents moved to New York after World War Two, and rocked Bernie to sleep in Prospect Park on Sunday afternoons in his stroller. When Bernie was 5 years old, his parents moved to Washington, D.C. It was there that Bernie remembers falling love with sports. While other boys were into the latest musical trend of the day, Bernie went to sleep at night listening to Senator's baseball games on his transistor radio. He could see the lights of RFK Stadium from his bedroom window. Bernie's passion for sports has not lessened since those days, and his love of the game is evident on his high energy sportscasts, and on his couch at home from which he can be heard shouting at the the TV screen during Sunday football, and NBA basketball, and NHL hockey games!

Bernie is a Washington D.C. trained journalist, who prides himself on covering "the story." A self professed sports geek, Bernie learned the ropes by covering D.C. sports early in his career. He anchored a four hour sports call-in show on the all-news radio station, and then worked at the CBS TV station before securing his first full time job at WTTG-TV as their 10 PM news sportscaster. Bernie, a local boy, became a regular on the Washington sport scene. Then one day, Detroit came calling.

After moving to Detroit in March 1986 to work for WDIV-TV, covering Tigers Baseball games and anchoring the 5, 6 and 11 PM sportscasts, Bernie has not looked back and has made Metro Detroit his home! For the past 30 years, Bernie has worked his Detroit sources breaking stories and conducting in-depth interviews with hard to get sports figures and celebrities. His love of the game keeps his sportscast fresh and timely, and takes you behind the scenes of the sports that you love in ways only Bernie can do.